It’s not fair to anyone pretending not to know about the African partition since the Berlin conference that led to arbitrary demarcation of borders to that occurred disruption,collapse and split of Ethnic groups, clans, families and probably households and without consensus got identified with new country they were annexed to. And, the former Congo Belge currently Democratic Republic of Congo was not exceptional.

To illustrate with some examples alongside, nine (9) countries relatively have the same Ethnic groups and clans located in DRC as well as in these nine neighboring countries:

1. TUTSI: Found in Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, and DRC on bordering territory of (North & South Kivu).

2. BASHI: Found on the territory of Sud-Kivu (DRC) & Rwandan Island in Lac Kivu (NKOMBO).

3. NANDE: Found on territory of North- Kivu and Uganda.

4. LUR & KAKWA: Found on the territory of Ituri (DRC), Uganda &South Sudan.

5. YOBE: Found in the territory of Bas-Congo (DRC),Gabon,Cong Brazza &Cabinda in Angola.

6. TCHOKWE: Found on the territory of Katanga, Kassai-Oriental, Bandundu (DRC) as well as Angola.

7. LUNDA: Found on the territory of Katanga (DRC) and Angola.

8. YAKA: Found on the territory of Bandundu (DRC) in Angola.

9. MANIANGA: Found in DRC as well as Congo Brazza.

10. BEMBA: Found on the territory of Katanga (DRC) and Zambia.

11. YAKOMA: Found on the territory of DRC and Central-African Republic.

12. TEKE-HUMBU: Ancient Empire constituted of DRC-GABON-CONGO BRAZZA

13. SALAMPASU: Found on the territory of LUISA (DRC) as well as Angola.

14. Alongside the Congo River, is inhabited by various ethnic groups among others Balolo, Lukolela up to BOMONGO having all affinity with Ethnic groups found in Congo Brazza.

To the far away side, the sameness pattern is observed:

*Luo ethnic group are found in Kenya and South-Sudan.

*Massai: Are found in Kenya and Tanzania.

*Teso: Found in Kenya and Uganda.

*Meru: Found in Kenya and Tanzania

*ORIYA: Found in Kenya and Somali

*Nuer: Found in Ethiopia and South-Sudan

*Borana: Found in Ethiopia and Kenya, etc. to mention few.

To this regards, it’s very important to mention that unlike geographical point of view, ethnic identity groups in both sides still idem in accordance to their kinship background.

One of the examples as taken randomly is of Teso of Kenya and Uganda who shares everything (ties) related to their cultural tradition, historical events and ceremonial occasions. Although demarcated geographically, they not at all face any kind of interference in celebrating their identity and relational belongingness around their traditional chief living in Uganda which is not the case for Tutsis.

Alike many other ant-Tutsi sentimentalists such as the former 1st DRC vice transitional president Mr ABDOULLAH Yerodia NDOMBASI (2004) cruelly, said that “Tutsi” is a venomous snake to be exterminated in DRC. Out there, followed by his disciples as one of them randomly sorted, Mr KAKULE from Nande tribe, as social media user, too, used this position (media use) to anchor hatred and discriminatory propaganda saying that “Tutsis” should not pretend to be one among nations of DRC merely because they have relationship with Rwandans. While callously holding this, he couldn’t remember that as other NANDE tribe, he is originated from Uganda.

Here then, is the question mostly racking our mind is:

*Who doesn’t know that African demarcation has caused disruption, separation as well as collapse of local community and ethnic Identity groups particularly Tutsi ethnic minority?

*Why the ant-Tutsi sentimentalists still jeopardize the situation on our homeland and reach to this level in the eyes of the world?

*Why most DRC Bantu are xenophobic against Nilotic and Tutsi in particular?

*Doe any one born with land/soil from his/her mother’s womb?

*Why for long time ago in DRC conflict entrepreneurs among others Politicians and Religious people usually use identity differences as weapons or tools for achieving their own interests and yet not pursued by law?. Are some people above the law of the country?

*Why at least those reputed to be the 1st inhabitants of DRC (Pygmies) is not the one starting hostility or segregation against new settlers annexed from neighboring countries as mentioned above instead of so-called xenophobic Bantu?

*Until when shall we sit in gloomy silence? Etc.

Dear brothers, our country is naturally and economically very rich, unfortunately very poor in its social harmony. And we are quite sure that this has no relationship with the presence of Tutsi in DRC but lack of social as well as geo-political integrity and sense of humanity and that’s obvious…Who can dare blame it on Tutsi while no one ever since has ruled DRC before and after Independence(30thjune 1960 to date ) despite the support from the Great Pan-Africanist King of King Emperor Haile Selassie and Great Pan-Africanist and African model Socialist HE Julius KAMBARAGE Nyelele?

*Why in turn, the existing regimes welcomed local and foreigner militias purposely to exterminate Tutsi in DRC?

*Until when Tutsi will be banned from free movement and doing freely his business his own country?

At any rate we are confident as Congolese in nature (Jus sole as well as Jus sanguinis) and by legitimacy specifically enacted through the national law Universal Declaration of Human Right in general and particularly in its adoption through the United Nations General Assembly under resolution of 47/135 on 18th December 1992 where The same General Assembly underlines its main goals as United Nations through its charter emphasizing encouragement and human right promotion and freedom for all regardless race, sex, language, religion, etc.

***Coming to the article 2 paragraph 2 of the declaration***The minority groups have also right to create and manage their own associations*** They, without any kind of discrimination have right for establishment of relationship and staying in contact with others sharing commonalities (culture, national origin, historical background, language, religion, etc.) within and out of the country.

We are then hereby, let you keep in mind that it’s always very difficult for one social group or tribes to be free at the expense of others (especially Tutsi) within the our country. Thus, the time and energy you spend in digging pits for burying us should be used for our development with our abundant natural resources and become rich as other counties around the world do. If not dear brothers, you may find yourselves in those pits. Additionally for your information, we are all one and sacred nation achievingly indivisible as said the Famous Black American egalitarian and Right activist Mr Martin Luther King that:”We must learn to live together as brothers or die together as fools”  

In our conclusion,we would like to mention the following:

1. We are calling upon the DRC Government and International humanitarian Agencies to attach more attention to our suspense and adopt protective measures for our sake so that the darkness gloomed in Rwanda 1994 may not entangle us here in DRC.

2.We are strongly concerned of what some religious men such as Bishop Timothy BODIKA, Bishop Joseph MUKUNGUBILA and others pretending preaching messiah news under the guise if escalating hatred and ant-Tutsi sentiments among believer congoleses.

3. We also call upon Bantu Identity group vested of humanity to give value to what is useful for them and others and pre-empt their heinous and discriminatory drives and accept living diversity peacefully as it’s the only way to survive in this God Given Cradle “The beautiful country Democratic Republic of Congo” ever and ever.

Thank you,

Prior documentation from French version as it’s indebted to Mr Muvura Luc



Reflected and translated to English by Rwakanigi RUBERWA M.


*website*:www.rwakanigiruberwa.wordpress.com) e-mail*:tutsicongoleserefugee713@gmail.com

The co-ordination of North-South Kivu-Tutsi Community

Exiled in Ethiopia, Feb 2019


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